Newsletter No.17

KWA News | 12th December 2022

15 March 2023

The Season

2022 continues to surprise. Total rainfall at Clear Hills was exactly 200mls in each of October and November. Total rainfall for the year is now 1116mls which is massive. The average annual rainfall of Crookwell and Gunning over the last 100 years is 769mls which is pretty good estimate for our 100 year average here in Gurrundah. The average for the wettest year for the two reference sites is 1475mls. Maybe we have not yet seen the end of the big wet. In the first 10 days of December we have not had a drop of rain. Summer may have finally arrived.

Rain today is going to freshen things up a bit, it is amazing.


We are in the final weeks of joining. We are again using a selection of QGI genetics and some young KWA bulls. Two particularly impressive bulls we have used are KWAFS017 and KWAFS0019. While only yearlings these two guys have outstanding EBVs.




The market for F1s continues to be strong. Our contacts are now saying that they expect significant softening in 2023 in line with declines in the Angus market. Good times like 2022 are not likely to last for ever. The key is that as long as there is a strong premium for Wagyu infused cattle, we should all be happy.

Seasons Greetings

Many thanks for all your support this year. We wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to catching up next year.

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