Newsletter No.17

KWA News | 29th January 2022

10 February 2023

The Season — 2022 has continued the marvellous run of the last 23 months with over 100mls of rain this January. Looking at the statistics for last year we recorded 1139mls which is the biggest since 1952. Our median rainfall here in Gurrundah according to BOM, is 711mls since 1938. We are privileged to live in such abundant times.

2021 Calves

We have early results from our genetic testing which shows the influence of using QGI (Quality Genetics International) semen for the joining which produced the 2021 calves. The average marble score for the Koolang Wagyu 2021 drop of calves is 1.4 compared to the Australian herd average of just over 1. Eye Muscle Area (EMA) has also jumped well ahead of the industry average with the KWA EBV of 2.7 cm compared to the AWA average of under 2.0. The F1 Terminal Index for the 2021 drop calves is now just over $150 compared to AWA average of $140. Birth weight EBVs remain below breed average as we continue to focus on calving ease in heifers as a key driver of profitability. As a friend said last night, “very difficult to make money from dead calves and cows.”


Photo taken early December 2021


The markets remain strong with good demand for quality beef. Interestingly the demand for fake meat has fallen off a cliff which is pleasing. In the long run alternative sources of protein will be required to feed a growing global population. The attraction of the real thing will continue.

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