Newsletter No.17

KWA News | Winter Issue

10 February 2023

50mls of rain over the last few days has continued the amazing season which we are enjoying. Pasture growth has been fantastic for this time of year. We have just finished construction of a new hay shed so for once it looks like our investment is well timed as we should be able to obtain good hay at a reasonable price this Spring.

Major activity at the moment is calving with good results and approximately 40 calves on the ground so far. The strong growth in clover in the pasture has given us some problems but liberal use of magnesium blocks and hay seems to keep things under control. Weighing the Full Bloods at birth is made much simpler with the Calf Chariot. There are nevertheless still some interesting moments if the calf is vigorous.

We have also started our Artificial Insemination (AI) Program using straws from Quality Genetics International (QGI). The two bulls are looking very exciting in the AWA Mating Predictor Program. The dollar index predictions are for progeny with indexes of well over Breed Average in every case. The photos below show Geoff Cummins concentrating hard on getting it right and Steve Cummins taking a break from fishing for straws in the tank.

Cattle For Sale

An updated catalogue of bulls for sale is on our website This is a much more complete description of each animal with pictures taken by myself as you will notice. The 2019 (Q) Bulls are maturing and will be added to the catalogue later in the year when they pass veterinary checks.



There is another Elite Wagyu Sale scheduled for later in the year. It will be interesting to see how the market develops in the face of the continuing Covid challenge.


The progressive opening of restaurants in the reaction to the new normal of operating in a post Covid world together with lower grain prices is starting to demonstrate that we may face a serious shortage of cattle in the fourth quarter of this year. At this stage price movements have been small but hopefully we will see a normalisation of the traditional positive premium to Black Angus product. At the moment the amazing prices which we have seen for Angus Steers and Heifers have diluted the premium to modest levels.

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