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22 April 2024

KWA News | 22 April 2024

Wagyu Edge ’24 Conference 10-12 April Geoff, Steve and I spent three days in Cairns this month at the Wagyu Edge conference.  It was a great success with over 650 delegates from many countries including the UK, USA and

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KWA News | 29th January 2022

The Season — 2022 has continued the marvellous run of the last 23 months with over

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KWA News | 17th September 2021

The Season What can we say about this season? Obviously it is very wet and very

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KWA News | 4th January 2021

The Season The holiday season has now been and gone. We are now firmly in 2021 which will

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KWA News | Friday 13 November 2020

The Season The glorious 2020 season continues. We have had more regular rain fall and

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KWA News

What a change! Writing this newsletter is so much more fun in an ocean of green grass

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KWA News | Winter Issue

50mls of rain over the last few days has continued the amazing season which we are

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